About mary


I've been online creating graphics for the Internet and enjoying social media since the late 80's.  Mary's Little Lamb (the domain name) is for sale.  I have found a new passion (a sort of bucket list wish coming true) and that is watercolor. 


I believe cards and personal messages should be from the heart and sincerely written in our own hand whenever possible. Here is a site that offers hand made greeting cards and art prints.  The cards are blank inside so you can write your own message. The art prints can be special ordered if you would like.  Just contact us!  We love special orders. 

I love Jesus Christ and reading the Bible, so it is natural that inspiration for me often comes from the scriptures. When I care deeply for someone, I like to put on paper what I'm thinking and feeling, and you can often find me writing and sending my own cards on Sundays.  It is nice to be able to share these prints with you this way. God's word is being beautified and glorified and sent out all over the country.  Most of my proceeds go to International Justice Mission


I simply love what I do, and I hope to keep doing it until I'm either raptured or taken home where I belong.