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October 2, 2015


This is such a unique story and I believe it is providential.  I'll let you decide.  On Monday I set up my painting supplies and was just starting to paint oak leaves when Hub came into my room and literally dropped the above perfectly preserved butterfly onto my paper.  He said he had found it in his garage woodshop and left.


I absolutely switched my focus to the butterfly and bagan to paint him.  I'm not sure if this butterfly is a male, but I'll call him that just for the sake of the story.  I had a hard time positioning him to a pose that would work for me and in turning him over I discovered he was still clinging to his cocoon!  This beautiful butterfly had never left his cocoon!


I had been wanting to visualize the scripture our pastor had askied us (his flock) to memorize during the week and that is why this particular image and scripture were put together.  After I had printed the finished design It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I could easily see my lesson in the scripture.  We are  studying the 7 Deadly Sins and this weeks message is on envy.  This beautiful scripture is the cure for envy.  My lesson was easy.


But the lesson of the butterfly?  Was this beautiful butterfly created specifically for a moment such as this?


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